Web de resultados ZRound

 Jesús    15 Apr : 21:07
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Web de resultados ZRound

Próximamente estará disponible la web de resultados.

Aquí tenéis un par de vídeos con su funcionamiento e instrucciones para subir información desde el gestor de campeonatos.

Funcionamiento de la web
Subir resultados

ZRound 1.14 build 04

 Jesús    29 Nov : 22:16
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ZRound 1.14 build 04

New release 1.14 build 04 ready. It includes minor bug solved and two new functions. Details on *

Practice Target lap time allow racers to define their own lap time target. Under that time the system will ring a special tone.

Practice Target

Automatic printing will remember the user they should print out the results and lap times. The logo used in reports can be configured as well

Print Auto

ZRound Support Center

 Jesús    14 Nov : 23:09
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New ZRound support center online

A new ZRound Support Center has been created to register issues and feature request.

The site will allow anonymous logon to view support/development activity, change log and product roadmap.

For the meantime registration has been disabled but you can ask for a reporter account if you are an active member on ZRound community.